Dr. Amita Garg

Blogger, Taste-maker

I am Dr. Amita Garg. By education, I am trained child physiologist but for the larger part of my life I have been focused on raising my two daughters while pursuing various careers part time.

Just like every kid growing up in the 1990s, my children despised the recipes and food that had been in our family for decades. Much like their generation, their tastes and food preferences were a mix of  east and the west. My love for cooking and my kids desire to eat healthier led me to reinvent cuisine for the modern palate and lifestyle.

Purple Melon Creative Kitchen is a group of recipes for the modern Indian palate. Over the last 2 decades, technology advancement has made our lifestyle increasingly sedentary. Purple Melon is my attempt at reinventing Indian cuisine to meet our modern day needs while staying true to traditional Indian tastes. I use ingredients that are available in my pantry and around us in India. 





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