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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Monsoon special:

It has been raining everywhere, Rains call for a cup of hot tea or pakodas, vadas or samosa. I am sure you all are making lip-smacking recipes and enjoy the monsoon. So be prepared to show your cooking skills and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes. The contest will be live on 8th August Friday.

Guidelines for participants:

  • Any number of entries can be put by a member.

  • Upload it to the group with the #Monsoonspecial.

  • Dishes can be posted with recipes in any form; be it in text form, Audio, Video, and/or links to YouTube or other platforms.

  • Photographs and content should strictly be participants only.

  • You can post recipes in English or Hindi.

  • The best two recipes will get an exciting price.

  • Winner will be announced after closing the contest.

Guidelines for judging entries:

  • Original Image/video quality and clarity

  • Uniqueness and innovativeness of the dish

  • Ease in understanding and recreating the dish

Recipe Format-

  • # Monsoonspecial

  • Participant name

  • Recipe Name-

  • Time-

  • Serves-

  • Ingredients-

  • Method-

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