• Amita Garg

Doodh Jalebi [Street Food of India]

Updated: May 4, 2018

Throughout north India doodh-jalebi is served as a very popular breakfasts by all types of roadside eateries in the morning hours. It has found a popular spot in wedding menus as well.

I remember as a child, watching halwai near our house boiling milk to make it thick in a huge iron kadhi. He would start boiling milk in the afternoon when I will be returning from school. He would sit next to a huge kadhai in which milk boiled stirring it with large spatula (karchi). He would keep malai on side as it gets formed on milk. After some hours, the milk would turn to light brown colour. In the evening this thick milk was served and this milk was still simmering when it was served.

In a glass, the halwai placed few juicy jalebis, and then poured thickened milk over it. He added a nice dollop of malai, and inserted a spoon. People used to relish it so much.

This unsweetened milk balanced the sweetness of the jalebi .

I always admired the patience of that man who cooked the milk on simmer fire half the day.

I have recreated this recipe as per first hand experience of my childhood.

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