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Fasting or Upvas Recipe-

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Fasting has been used for ancient times by the saints and sages to purify their bodies, minds and souls. In fasting we hold back eating from certain type of food or no food for a specific period of time. Today, fasting has become a great trend across the world. There are many types of fasting diets, and each one has its own rules about what you can eat or drink .

In India There are certain fasting rules. In Hindu religion, Saatvik food is advised in fasting. some food items like some grains and vegetables, regular salt, non vegetarian food are strictly avoided. But there are many other food ingredients which we can eat and enjoy even while fasting.

Fasting can be a great time to detox and rejuvenate digestive system. Fasting diets should be create like this in which digestive system gets a rest, encourages detoxification and also stay healthy during a fasting time. Rather indulging high calorie food, we bring you some easy options which are not just good to eat but will give you the desired energy.

Fasting food varies from family to family. If you do not use any ingredients in fasting, please replace it with other ingredient like so many people do not eat tomato in fasting so replace it with curd, lemon juice etc. These recipes are based upon the food we include for fasting in our family.

Thandai Smoothie-

Generally Smoothie is made from blended fruits and dairy, however I have given it an Indian twist by using Thandai, a great immunity booster, which has anti-oxidants and good cholesterol. It is healthy, easy to make and a meal in itself.


Falhari Enchiladas-

No onion, no garlic, no pulses and grains also a gluten free vegan one pot recipe.Enchiladas a popular Mexican recipe but my twist I prepare with fasting.


Apple sago pudding-

Full of creaminess and the lovely flavors of apple and cinnamon. https://bit.ly/2IP8p5f

Raw Banana dahi Gunjiya -

Dahi Gunjia is usually made with Urad Dal but My Mom gives it a little twist and makes them with raw bananas, thus making them the perfect navratre Vrat snack.https://bit.ly/2OLpRxh

Raw Papaya Salad-

A simple Salad with sweet and tangy flavor and perfect for upvas or fasting.


Almond Sweet potato Smoothie-

A vagan, gluten free simple recipe, perfect for fasting or upvas. Bland boiled sweet potato, apple, cold milk, and smoothie is ready. https://bit.ly/2pORCGS

Stuffed Sweet Potato Falhari Tikki-

A very simple, fibrous and healthy snack. It is quite filling and keeps hunger away.


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