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Heeng Mirch ka Aachar

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It is oil free pickle and Ideal to carry while travelling. The powerful taste of asafoetida mixed with mango and other ingredients like salt and chilies, makes this pickle tasty, healthy and good for digestion. It goes well with mathri, bhajia, puri and other snacks.

Author--------------------Amita Garg

Preparation time------


Raw mango- 1 kg.

Salt-------------- 100gm.

Heeng-----------------20 gm.

Red chili powder-

How to Make-

  1. Peel slice or grate mangoes.

  2. Add salt and mix well. Keep it for 5-6 hours. Drain extra water.

  3. Spread them on a clan cloth and leave in the sun for 12 hours, to dry a little.

  4. Place in a bowl and add all ingredients. Mix well.

  5. Fill in the clean and sterilized jar.

  6. Keep on a sunny window sill for 10-12 days.

  7. Store in the fridge.


  1. Always take white, crisp, sour raw mangoes, never take yellow pulpy raw mangoes.

  2. You can adjust the quantity of chili powder as per your taste. It tastes better when it is very hot.

  3. Add a pinch of Sodium Benzoate for long shelf life.

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