• Amita Garg

Home made Khus squash or Sherbet.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Khus is a fragrant grass, popular for its cooling properties. it relieves thirst and helpful for digestive problems. Many commercial brands do not use the actual khus grass extract and substitute artificial flavors and colors. Try this authentic drink, once you take a sip, you will appreciate it's flavor.


  • khus grass- 2 bunch (From Ayurvedic Medical Store)

  • water- 1 liter

  • Sugar- 750 gm.

  • Green colour –few drops [optional]

How to make-

1. Clean grass, wash properly and soak overnight. 2. In a pan strain the juice, mix sugar and cook on medium heat. 3. Once the syrup starts boiling cook till the syrup has to be sticky [(thread-like consistency is not required). 4. Fill directly in a clean sterilized glass bottle, cover tightly with the lid. 5. let it cool at room temperature and refrigerate it. 6. In a glass take 1/4 part khus syrup, 3/4 water and some ice cubes, khus sherbet is ready. 7. You can add a few drops of green color. 8. If you want to preserve for a long time add ¼ tsp.potassium bicarbonate Tips- 1. You can make khus milkshake with one scoop vanilla ice-cream. 2. Use this syrup as a topping on desserts. 3. You can create many mocktails and deserts with this syrup. 4. You can use this grass 2 times.

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