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How to Bake a Perfect Cake

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

With this post I am sharing some simple tips and tricks to help those,who are baking for the first time or who do not have good experiences of baking.

Always read the entire recipe twice and arrange all the ingredients and tools needed to bake the cake.

Baking Tools-

Measuring Tools-Always remember that Baking is a science which means all the ingredients are added in the correct ratio. You should have standard measuring cups, spoons and measuring glass so you can double or half the recipe.

Baking pans-Always take Aluminium, Silicon or oven proof utensil for baking, avoid steel, plastic and ionized pans. An aluminium pan will retain heat in a very different way from an oven safe borosil pan.

Always take right size of pan mentioned in the recipe for even baking. A bigger- deeper pot will take longer to heat up than a shallow small pan.

Hand Mixer or a large balloon whisk is best for folding as it helps to avoid lumps of flour.

Oven- If you are buying new oven, check It should have temperature dials and settings.


  1. Always use fresh ingredients specially Baking powder or Baking Soda and don’t substitute ingredients. Using a good vanilla extract really pumps up the flavor of any cake instead of vanilla essence.

  2. ingredients should be at right temperature for well combine. If you take the cold butter it doesn't cream well and cold eggs may curdle the cake mixture.

Line the Tin-

Grease the tin with oil or butter.Line with parchment paper. Cut a base shape-slightly smaller and also line your sides.

Mixing -

  1. Sift the dry ingredients together so the leavening agent is evenly distributed throughout the batter.

  2. For a moist, tender cake, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

  3. Do not over whisk, Over mixing causes the top of the cake to crack.

  4. After mixing, place the pan immediately for baking because the raising agent starts working as soon it comes in contact with any of the 'wet' ingredient.


  1. The oven should be set on the right temperature according to the recipe.

  2. For even cooking, Put the cake on the middle shelf.

  3. Do not open the oven door while baking, the cake may collapse and the baking time will suffer.

  4. Insert a skewer in the center of the cake, if it comes out with a few dry crumbs on it, cake is baked. If the skewer has some liquid batter stuck to it then it needs more time baking.

  5. Do not over bake, If the toothpick comes out completely clean, the cake is over baked.

  6. Every oven is different and that’s one reason baking times and oven temperatures will invariably differ. Digital Thermometer is a good option to monitor the temperature of the food you are baking.

Cooling Time-

  1. Cool the cakes in the pan on wire rack for 10 minutes, invert on a wire rack to cool completely.

  2. Make sure the cake is completely cool before frosting.

I hope these tips surely help you to make the perfect cake. If you have any advice for baking perfect cakes, please share with us, We’d love to hear it.

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