• Amita Garg

How to remove bitterness of bitter gourd

Karela known as bitter gourd in English is very healthy vegetable but mostly people do not like it because of its bitterness. Here are few tips to reduce bitterness of bitter gourd.

1. Always buy raw and fresh light green bitter gourds, because mature ones have large seeds and bitter taste . 2. Scrape the bitter gourd skin, slit or slice and discard the seeds. you can use scrapped skin for making stuffed Karela stuffing, 3. Rub the slices or slitted bitter guard with lots of salt and keep aside for 30 minutes. The salt extracts out the bitter juices. After 30 minutes squeeze out the bitter juices from the Karela. 4. Wash the Karela under the running water and squeeze again. This whole process will reduce the bitterness from Karela. 5. Marinated bitter gourd is sure to retain some of the salt so use salt accordingly. 6. Vegetables like onion are natural sweeteners, they provide natural sweet flavors to the dish. 7. You can add little bit jaggery or sugar to cut down the bitterness.

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