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Ice Float-

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Ice Float is a chilled beverage that consists fruit juice, ice cream and carbonated water.

In Australia and New Zealand, an ice float is known as a "spider" because once the carbonation hits the ice cream it forms a spider web like reaction. In the UK and Ireland, it is usually referred to as an "ice-cream float" or simply a "float"

Some time we confuse between soda and float. In soda we blend syrup and cream together and Add the soda water but in the ice float, ice cream "floats" on the top of soda water.

In India popular ice floats are coke float, orange float which are served with coke and fanta, but this time we are serving ice floats with healthy fresh fruit juices.

You can also set up a Ice Cream Float station for next birthday party of your kids. You need only few juices, soda, ice cream and some interesting toppings like chocolate pieces, Sprinkles, chocolate sauce, some fresh fruits etc. Serve ice float in milk shake paper glasses with spoon and colourful party straw.i am sure kids will enjoy this idea

Few tips for perfect Ice Cream Float-

  1. You will need a tall glass, a straw and a long spoon.

  2. Chill the glass in freezer; this will keep your float ingredients cool.

  3. Add 1/4 quarter juice and 3/4 quarter carbonated drink in the glass [do not overflow].

  4. Add 2 to 3 scoops ice cream , garnish with mint leaves,cherries, fresh fruits, fruit syrup or sugar candies.

  5. Serve your Float with a straw and a long-handled spoon.

  6. For healthier option you can add yogurt instead of ice cream.

Some Quick and easy to make ideas of Ice cream Float-

Author-------------- Amita Garg

preparation time--5 minutes

Serving time---------10 minutes

Total time-------------15 minutes


Kokam Ice cream Float-

A bright red colour fruit kokam is native to India, frequently used as a souring agent in Indian cuisine. Kokum sherbet is a sweetened traditional drink, consumed to keep cool in the heat, protect the skin from the sun and has a lot of health benefits.


1 tab Sp. Kokam Sharbat

1/2 glass chilled Sprite

2 large scoops vanilla ice-cream

Fresh mint leaves, to garnish

Ice-3-4 cubes

How to Make-

  1. In a glass combine Kokam Sharbat with ice.

  2. Top with sprite.

  3. Add ice-cream. Garnish with mint leaves.

  4. Add a straw and long spoon.

Chocolate Ice Cream Float-


Cola Syrup 1 tab Sp.

Sprite 1 glass

Ice cubes 3-4

Chocolate ice cream 1 large scope

Vanilla ice cream 1 small scope

Chocolate shavings to garnish

How to Make-

  1. In a tall glass add cola syrup with ice cubes.

  2. Top with sprite.

  3. Add one scope chocolate ice cream and 1 scope vanilla ice cream.

  4. Garnish with chocolate shavings.

  5. Add a straw and long spoon.

Tip-Cola syrup is available on Amazon.in, but you can also take cola drink instead of cola syrup and sprite.

Strawberry Cream Float


Strawberry crush 1 tab Sp.

Ice cubes 3-4

Limca or Sprite 1 glass

Vanilla ice cream 2 large scope

Fresh Strawberry 2

Sprinkles 1 tsp.

How to Make-

  1. In a large glass add strawberry crush wit ice cubes.

  2. Top with Limca or sprite.

  3. Add 2 scope vanilla ice cream.

  4. Garnish with strawberry slices or some sprinkle.

  5. Add a straw and long spoon.

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