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Kanji Wala Pani

Updated: May 4, 2018

Kanji is a traditional fermented drink. This spiced drink is a popular beverage served in the winter months leading up to Holi. Families in India make kanji using their favorite vegetables like carrot, radish, turnip, potato etc. In winter black carrot comes to the market in North India for about a month or two. It is used to prepare Gajar Ki Kanji. It gives nice purple shade to the kanji. Antioxidant property of black carrot is four times higher than red carrot .

Red carrot can also be used with beetroot to get bright red colour.

Kanji has very strong probiotic properties and is often enjoyed before a meal. Kanji is super antioxidant, increasing the hemoglobin levels of the body, fantastic for the skin and has amazing immune boosting properties.

KANJI -- The Indian Pro Biotic Drink


1 tab sp Mustard seeds 1 tsp. Red chili powder 3 tsp. Fine Sea salt 1 tsp. Black salt 1/2 tsp. Asafoetida 1 cup carrot pieces ¼ cup beetroot pieces 6 to 8 glasses Water

How-to make- 1. Coarsely grinds mustard seeds in small grinder jar. 2. Peel, chop carrot and beet into thin long pieces. 3. In a glass or clay jar, combine all ingredients and cover with muslin cloth and put in a warm place. 4. Once the fermentation takes place kanji develops a tangy flavor indicating that drink is ready. 5. Keep it in refrigerator.

How to Serve-

1.The liquid can be served in glasses, with few pieces of carrots.

2. It can be served as beverage or as side dish with meals. Tips- 1. It takes 3 days to 1 week for fermentation, may take a day longer if weather is cold. 2. Taste the drink daily to see it’s done. 3. You can use purple carrot or mix beet with red carrot. 4. Add warm water for quick fermentation.

5. Turmeric is added to get bright yellow colour when we make Kanji with other vegetables..

6. Cleanliness is most important to avoid fungus formation. Pour this kanji mixture in sanitized jar, always use clean spoon.

7.Any type of salt such as common salt, rock salt, or kosher salt can be used. Iodized salt with added free flow agents may inhibit fermentation process, and should be avoided.

Kanji Recipe Step by Step-

1. Grind mustard seeds, cut carrot into thin slices, In a glass or clay jar, combine all spices and vegetables and mix well.

2. Add water, mix well and cover with muslin cloth and put in a warm place.

3. Once the kanji develops a tangy flavor, the drink is ready.

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