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Mishti Doi

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Mishti doi is a Bengali dessert. It is a type of yogurt, prepared almost all auspicious occasions in Bengal. It is completely different from the plain yogurt and the procedure of making is also different. It is prepared by boiling milk until it is slightly thickened, sweetening it with caramelized sugar or jaggery and allowing to set. Earthenware is always used as the container for making this dish.

Misti Doi is a easy to make, light and addictive dessert which can be prepared at home very easily. It is perfect dessert after an Indian meal.

Preparation Time-8 to 10 hours

Cooking Time-30 min

Total Time-8 hours 30 min


Author-Amita Garg

Course- Dessert


  • Milk- 1 liter

  • Jaggery- 3/4 cup

  • Plain Curd- 1 tab Sp.

  • Water 1 tab Sp.

How to Make-

  1. In a heavy bottom saucepan, heat the milk over medium-high flame.

  2. Reserve 1/3 of the sugar, when it starts to boil, add the remaining sugar to the milk.

  3. reduce the heat and continue boiling and stirring, scrape the dried milk solids from the sides.until it reduces to half.

  4. Keep it aside.

  5. Add the reserved sugar in a pan and place on low medium heat.

  6. you will notice that sugar melt and gradually changes colour to brown and starts caramelizing.

  7. When the sugar is a light golden bubbly mixture, remove from heat and add a tablespoon of water in the caramelized sugar and pour it in to the reduced milk.

  8. Stir well until combined.

  9. Once the milk is cooled and yet slightly warm, [ check the temperature, put finger in it, your finger should feel comfortable warm]add plain curd.

  10. Mix very well.

  11. Transfer into a clay pot or any other pot.

  12. Cover with aluminium foil or lid.

  13. Allow it to set in warm place for 8 hours or till it sets completely.

  14. When set, store the Mishti Doi in refrigerator and serve chilled.


  1. Always use thick full fat milk otherwise the yogurt would not be thick.

  2. Add jaggery or brown sugar for nice colour. Caramelized sugar adds nice colour and flavor also.

  3. Keep in a warm dry place. You can also put in preheated oven [ Just preheat oven and turn off, keep yogurt in it].

  4. Do not disturb it by mixing.

  5. Use earthen pots, earthen pots evaporate of water through its porous walls and thickens the yogurt, it produces the right temperature for the growth of the culture.

  6. Timing will vary to set the yogurt, It took 8 to 20 hours, depends upon temperature.

  7. it tastes best without adding any flavor but you can add flavor like cardamom etc.

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