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Raksha Bandhan Special

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrates the pious bond of brother and sister. The festival is awaited all year long and celebrated with immense zeal.

The ritual begins with sisters applying tilak then tie rakhi on their brothers’ wrist and exchange sweets. Sisters wish for the well being of their brothers. Brothers give gifts to their sisters and promise to take care of them in every situation. It is not only a special day for brothers and sisters but is also a great occasion to bond with other family members.

Raksha Bandhan is round the corner. We all are feeling festive now. I am sharing some easy to make home made recipes These recipes can be prepared at home without any hassle.

Gulab Phirni (Rose Flavored Cream Rice Pudding)-

Phirni is a North Indian rice pudding, grounded rice is cooked with milk and served in earthen pots, I thought to give phirni a nice twist with the flavor of rose.


Semolina cake [basbousa]-

Basbousa, a Middle Eastern semolina cake soaked in a sweet syrup and flecked with coconut, fresh fruits or dry fruits.

You may find Basbousa a very suitable sweet for festivals with a subtle look of bakery.https://bit.ly/2PzyJ6K

Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies-

Coconut Cookies are most popular cookies among all age groups. they are easy to make with few ingredients and short time of only 20 minutes.https://bit.ly/2P0AlVJ

Apple Pudding-

A simple recipe with few ingredients and very less preparation time.https://bit.ly/2OXL8Ag

Beetroot Laddoo-

Beetroot is a healthy vegetable, generally used in salad adding colour but this is my own version where beetroot is a main ingredient in a dessert. https://bit.ly/2LnHiy2

Seviyan kheer shots-

Seviyan kheer also known as vermicelli kheer or jave , is must on Raksha bandhan at my house.This year Give this simple vermicelli kheer a interesting twist.https://bit.ly/2Px48X6

Parval ki Mithai-

A simple healthy traditional sweet.


Urad Dal Pinni-

Pinni is a traditional Punjabi sweet, made from atta , gond, besan etc. Today we will share the pinni recipe that is made from

Urad dal https://bit.ly/2Myg0KS

Angoordana- [ Urad Dal Sweet Boondi ] A popular Prasad Recipe or perfrct for festivals.

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