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Raw Mango Pickles-

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Beginning of summers when mangoes are still unripe, every Indian family buy raw mangoes [Kachchi Kaire] in bulk for making one thing: mango pickle (called aam ka achaar). ,Almost every Indian household has its own favorite recipes for Mango Pickle. My mother, my mother in law knew more than 20-30 types of pickles using raw mangoes with various spices. They used to make big batches of different mango pickles because Indian meals are incomplete without any pickle.

Nowadays market is flooded with raw mangoes, so it is time to share a few traditional mango pickle recipes with you. I prefer to make pickles in the same way as my mother or mother in law made. It’s a long process, but the end result will be excellent.

Panchforen 5 spices Mango Pickle

Punjabi style pickle-In this recipe we are using whole spices and sour, tangy mango slice with mustard oil.

For detailed recipe

Instant Chunda[ Sweet Mango pickle]-

The traditional method of chunda[ cooked under sun rays] is very lengthy and time-consuming, this is a quick shortcut version that is made in the microwave and takes only 10 minutes to get prepared.

For detailed recipe

Chane aam ka Achar-

In North india this pickle is made with soaked channa and grated mangoes.

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Heeng Mirch Ka Achar:

The powerful taste of asafoetida mixed with mango and other ingredients like salt and chilies makes this pickle tasty,

For the detailed recipe

Aam Ka Sukha Achar-

It is the most popular mango Pickle of North India, the specialty of this pickle is a very low amount of oil, long shelf life, tastes awesome, and no spilling of oil on the plate, tiffin or lunch box.For detailed recipe click

Aam Ki Launji [Sweet Raw Mango Chutney]:

It is sweet, delicious, and easy to make raw mango chutney also known as aam ki launji or aam ka meetha aachar. This mango chutney stays throughout the year and goes very well with mathri or puri.

For detailed recipe click-

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