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Roasted Vegetables

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Roasting is one of my favorite ways to serve vegetables.These roasted vegetables are made on an oven tray, and make a perfect side dish for any healthy meal. I love this recipe because it’s a great way to load an abundance of fresh vegetables into one meal and it is a one of the easiest way to prepare them. kids do not like many vegetables but this way they enjoy healthy eating.

Best Vegetable For Roasting-

Root vegetables -potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes etc

Broccoli, zucchini, onions, cauliflower, bell peppers, etc.

How To Roast Vegetables in The oven-

  1. Set your oven temperature according to your vegetables.

  2. The timing of roasting vary the size and type of vegetables.

  3. Cut vegetables uniformly.

  4. Toss the vegetables with oil and spices.

  5. Use parchment or aluminium foil for easy cleanup. 

  6. Stir the vegetables in the halfway, so they get crispy on both sides.


Vegetables- tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, onion, potatoes, egg plant etc.

Olive oil--1 tab Sp.

Salt to taste

Black pepper-to taste

garlic cloves-3-4 finely chopped

Mixed herbs--1 t Sp.

How to Make-

  1. Preheat oven on 250 degreeF.

  2. line baking tray with foil and arrange all vegetables.

  3. In a small bowl add olive oil,chopped garlic, salt and pepper, mixed herbs and mix well.

  4. Pour the marinade over the veggies or spread with brush.

  5. Roast the veggies for half an hour.

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