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Summer drinks In India-

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Summer in India is the very hot and dry season of the year. Sweat and dehydration due to scorching heat are common problems for all. Here we reintroduce some popular and traditional household summer Indian beverages that help to soothe and counter effects of summer heat.

Aam Panna-

Aam Panna is a popular north Indian drink for hot summer. It is made using raw mango, salt, sugar, and spices. It is considered a shield against Loo (hot air) which blows in peak summer. It replenishes all essential salts and minerals and protects them from heatstroke.


Nimbu Pani, Shikanji or Lemonade-

Nimbu Pani, Shikanji or Lemonade the most popular Indian summer drink, is so refreshing and full of energy. It can be an excellent way to replenish your body salts, pack you with essential vitamins and minerals and prevent dehydration. So, instead of carbonated drinks, drink Nimbu Pani in when you feel dehydrate and thirsty.https://bit.ly/2L6dNVq

Masala Chas or Buttermilk-

Chaas or buttermilk is made by churning fresh curds/dahi and cold water together, using blender or wooden mathani (whipper). This can be consumed as it is or seasoned with a variety of spices. https://bit.ly/2md0HYf

kokum sharbat:

kokum juice is a healthy summer drink coolant. Kokum is rich in vitamin C, helps in digestion, cools down the body and very good for heat stroke and heat rashes in summer. It is very refreshing after a workout.

Khus squash or Sherbet:

Khus is a fragrant grass, popular for its cooling properties. it relieves thirst and helpful for digestive problems


Bael [Stone Apple,Wood Apple] Sharbat:

In the hot blazing summer, quench your thirst with this most refreshing, delicious, healthy summer drink.


Jal Jeera:

Jal jeera is a very popular summer drink from north India. This drink calms down the heat of your body and helpful in digestion. https://bit.ly/2XzBY4t

Mango Fruity:

Frooti is an Indian Mango flavored drink made with mango juice. Fruity is perfect to replenish salts, vitamins, and energy after physical exercise.-http://bit.ly/30kuAcb

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