• Amita Garg

Sweet and tangy Lemon pickle-

Ingredients- Lemon------------------------------------10 Juice of -----------------------------------5 lemons Salt-----------------------------------------1 and half tab Sp. or to taste Black salt---------------------------------2 tsp. Carom Seeds[Ajwain]----------------2 tsp Red chili powder-----------------------3 tab sp. How to Make- 1. Wash lemon very well, wipe with kitchen towel and let them dry. 2. Cut into 6 to 8 pieces. Remove seeds. 3. Add salt, black salt, ajwain, red chill powder and lemon juice, mix well. 4. Place them in clean, dry glass jar. 5. Sun dry for 10 days or till become soft. 6. Shake bottle everyday.

For sweet lemon pickle - 1. Transfer the pickle in a deep microwave safe bowl,add 1 cup sugar and cook for 15-20 minute on low heat. 2. Regular stir after 2 minute. 3. Cool the pickle, store in air tight glass bottle. 4. You can serve it with paratha, puri , khichdi. Tips- 1. Select thin skinned, yellow [ not green ] lemons..Do not use spoil or discolored lemon. 2. Sprinkle some salt over the pickle it prevent to spoil it.

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